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Office of the Director

Kenneth S. Ramos, MD, PhD

Executive Director, Texas A&M Institute of Biosciences and Technology
Alkek Chair of Medical Genetics
Professor of Medicine, Texas A&M College of Medicine
Associate Vice President for Research, Texas A&M University Health Science Center
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Health Services, The Texas A&M University System

Phone: 713-677-7725



Kellie Garrett-Ekeland, MBA

Associate Director of Administration
Phone: 713-677-7435

Kellie Ekeland

Office of the Director Staff

Jennifer Cain

Jennifer Cain
Manager, Operations
Phone: 713-677-7567

Female Headshot

Kendall Conrad
Program Coordinator - Post-Award
Phone: 713-677-7442

Sherrie Cravy
Business Administrator
Phone: 713-677-7502

Candida DuBose

Candida DuBose
Project Manager
Phone: 713-677-7477

Mattie Hernandez
Assistant to the Director
Phone: 713-677-7716

Jon Meyers
Program Coordinator - Pre-Award
Phone: 713-677-7751

Centers & Programs Administrative Staff


Ceciley Brinn
Administrative Coordinator 
Center for Epigenetics & Disease Prevention
Phone: 713-677-7524

Olivia Cabrera

Olivia Cabrera
Administrative Associate
Center for Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases
Phone: 713-677-7553

Mary Cole
Administrative Associate
Program for Animal Resources
Phone: 713-677-7745


Cindy Lewis
Program Coordinator
Graduate Student Program
Phone: 713-677-7612

Denelle Orellana

Denelle Orellana
Sr. Administrative Coordinator
Center for Translational Cancer Research
Phone: 713-677-7474

Linda Saenz

Linda Saenz
Senior Administrative Coordinator 
Center for Genomic & Precision Medicine
Phone: 713-677-7522

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