The Texas A&M Medical Science Graduate Program provides cutting-edge research training through our Ph.D. in Medical Science, administered in cooperation with the College of Medicine. This program provides a flexible and interdisciplinary curriculum with five diverse focus tracks that allow students to have a highly personalized and individually tailored training program. Students select from multiple campuses with distinct research strengths in Bryan/College Station, Temple, and Houston. 

Our students at Texas A&M, a Tier 1 research university, benefit from having access to many research areas not typically seen in medical schools such as veterinary medicine, chemistry, and engineering.

With an average graduation time of 5 years and stipend support throughout your training, we are confident you will find that the Texas A&M Medical Science Graduate Program will provide a wide spectrum of exciting research opportunities and prepare you for a successful career upon graduation.

Students applying to a graduate program should have a strong undergraduate background in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, mathematics, and/or molecular biology. Three strong letters of recommendation indicating academic excellence, personal maturity, and exceptional motivation, as well as interest in the experimental sciences, are an important part of the application. The GRE general test scores are required.

Application Process

The Medical Science Graduate Program administered through the College of Medicine is focused primarily on training Ph.D. students.

Applications for Fall 2019 will open August 1, 2019 on Apply Texas website.

An applicant's file must be complete (application, official transcripts, test scores, fee and 3 letters of recommendation) before it will be reviewed by the admissions committee.  A four-year baccalaureate degree from an accredited university is required.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I apply?
A: The following items are required for a complete official application:

  • Completed application in Apply Texas
  • Create a resume or curriculum vitae
  • Write an essay or Statement of Purpose that addresses your reasons for pursuing a graduate education in your field of interest, your background and your long term goals.
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation submitted though the AIS system (you will receive login information for AIS after you complete your application in Apply Texas.)
  • Official transcript from all institutions of higher education attended
  • Official scores from the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) from a test date within five years of the date that the application reaches the TAMU Office of Admissions and Records
  • International students- Official scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) from within the last two years from applicants whose native language is not English.  Exceptions: applicants that completed all four years of a baccalaureate degree in the United States or that achieved a 400 or greater Verbal GRE score.
  • Pay application fees.
  • Apply to the correct program. Please look for Texas A&M University in College Station, College of Medicine Medical Science Program (not TAMU HSC).

Q: What is the deadline for submitting an application?
A: We encourage students to submit their applications as early as possible.  All applications that are submitted by December 15th will be reviewed.  After December 15th, we cannot guarantee your application will be reviewed as we will start reviewing applications in January 2019.

Q: Can you make an assessment about my admission to your program based on material I have submitted via email? 
A: We do not make assessments based on material we receive via email, nor can we communicate a program decision via e-mail.   The IBT Graduate Program Committee reviews only completed applications submitted by deadlines.

Q: On what basis are the applications evaluated?
A: Applications for admission are evaluated on the basis of the applicant's undergraduate or graduate record (coursework, laboratory experience, and grades), letters of recommendation, and performance on the GRE and TOEFL tests.  Each application is reviewed on an individual basis.

Q. Is the GRE subject test required? 
A: No, only the GRE general test is required (verbal, quantitative, and analytical).

Q: If my native language is not English, should I take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)?
A: Yes!  Applicants whose native language is not English should take the Test of English as a Foreign Language unless they completed all four years of a baccalaureate degree in the United States or obtained a minimal verbal GRE score of 400.

Q: What are the required scores for both GRE and TOEFL?
A: Your eligibility for admission into the Medical Science Graduate Program depends on several things.  Applications for admission are evaluated on the basis of the applicant's undergraduate or graduate coursework and grades, letters of recommendation and laboratory experience.  Most of the students we admit have a combined Quantitative and Verbal GRE score of 300 or higher.

Q: My GPA is less than 3.4, can I apply?
A: Yes.  Your eligibility depends on several things.  Applications are evaluated on the basis of the undergraduate or graduate record (coursework, laboratory experience, and grades), letters of recommendation, and performance on the GRE and TOEFL tests.  A Grade Point Average of 3.4 or higher is preferred.  However, extensive laboratory experience, high GREs and/or strong letters of recommendation can offset a low GPA.

Q: Do I need to submit official transcripts?
A: Yes, we need an official transcript from each of the senior-level post-secondary institutions attended.  An official statement of the award of the degree or diploma is required for each degree completed.  The registrar, controller of examinations or president of the university issuing the document must sign transcripts from a university outside the United States.  Official records are to be in the language of instruction, accompanied by an official translation in English, if necessary.  Translations sent directly from the institution attended or from a recognized translator are considered official.  Photocopies or other duplications of a transcript, such as notarized copies and faxes are not considered official.

Q: Do I need to submit official GRE and TOEFL test scores?
A: Official test scores should be sent directly from the Educational Testing Service to Texas A&M University (Code 6003) and be from a test date within five years of the date the application form reached the Office of Admissions and Records.

Q: Are there any restrictions regarding age?
A: No.  There are no age restrictions.

Q: Does the program require an applicant to have a Master degree before pursuing a Ph.D.?
A: No.  However, for international applicants priority is given to applicants that hold a Master degree or equivalent research experience that is documented by publications.

Q: I have not taken the GRE and/or TOEFL, should I still apply?
A: You must have all application materials in by the deadline to be considered to admission.  Submit as much as you can, as soon as possible.  Submit the remainder when you can but before the deadline.

Q: Do I need to send my test scores with my application?
A: Yes.  Your official application cannot be considered by the Graduate Admissions Committee without test scores.

Q: Do you accept applications for the spring semester?
A: Typically no.  Because of the structure of our first-year graduate curriculum, the Medical Science Graduate Program only accepts applications in the fall semester.  Exceptions are made on a case by case basis. 

Q: How many graduate students are you going to accept next fall? 
A: We do not accept a specific number of graduate students into the program each fall. Typically, we accept 4 to 6 students into the program each year with stipend support.

Q: How many applications do you receive each year?
A: We receive 20-40 applications in a typical year for the Houston campus. 

Q: Can an application be transferred from the fall term of one year to the next fall term?
A: No. Applications do not transfer and applicants must re-apply.

Q: Is there full financial aid for students pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Medical Science?
A: Graduate students who are admitted to the Medical Science Program are supported by the program for the first year. By the end of the first school year, it is expected that graduate students will have identified a research laboratory to join and the PI will then take over the student’s stipend, tuition, and fees.  Compensation for the graduate program is $30,000 per year, plus payment for tuition and fees. This support includes a stipend plus medical insurance benefits and eligibility for in-state tuition.  There is usually no need for additional financial assistance under normal circumstances.

Q: Is there a need for additional financial assistance?
A: In exceptional circumstances, some students find it necessary to apply for additional financial aid (e.g. a short-term loan).  Information on financial aid is available at

Q: Is it possible to contact faculty before applying?
A: Our faculty enjoy hearing from students interested in their research.  A full listing of faculty in the Medical Science program can be found here by research track: 

Q: If I should have additional questions, whom do I contact?
A: If you have any questions that were not answered above, please contact the IBT Graduate Program Coordinator, Cindy Lewis - 713-677-7612.